Employability resources

Australia’s states and territories offer valuable local information and support specifically tailored for international students. This includes access to work opportunities, course resources, special events, and important updates relevant to your studies and stay in the region.

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR)

The Australian Government’s Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) provides a variety of resources to help students and graduates navigate the world of employment. Their resources cover topics such as job preparation, career transitions, and opportunities for apprenticeships and traineeships. DEWR is dedicated to supporting individuals in their employment journey and equipping them with the necessary information and tools for success.

State and Territory employability programs

Australia’s eight states and territories offer specialized employability programs for students and graduates. These programs provide valuable resources and support in various areas, including work opportunities, employment rights, industry experience, and career pathways. To explore the programs available in your location, simply match your provider’s location with the corresponding state or territory below and click on the links provided for more information:

  1. Australian Capital Territory (Canberra, ACT) – Click here to learn more about employment programs in the ACT.
  2. New South Wales (NSW) – Click here to discover employment programs in New South Wales.
  3. Northern Territory (NT) – Explore employment programs in the Northern Territory by clicking here.
  4. Queensland (QLD) – Click here to find out about employment programs in Queensland.
  5. South Australia (SA) – Discover employment programs in South Australia by clicking here.
  6. Tasmania (TAS) – Click here to explore employment programs in Tasmania.
  7. Victoria (VIC) – Learn more about employment programs in Victoria by clicking here.
  8. Western Australia (WA) – Click here to find out about employment programs in Western Australia.

By accessing these resources, you can access tailored support and opportunities based on your location in Australia.

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